Peter's top 5 wine and spirits

Thank you for checking out our top 5 wines & spirits for the Fall & Winter season. One of the many perks of our job is we get to taste, learn, and appreciate all the products we sell in our store. We spend countless hours looking for those hidden gems and outstanding products to share with all of you. What could be better than passing all this knowledge and “hard work” onto our customers and formally rank our 5 favorite wines and spirits for the upcoming colder months.

And just so you don’t think we just pulled these names out of a hat, here is how we scored our products…

Value – Can’t pick all $100 bottles of wine. Does the bottle we pick reflect the price tag it comes with or is it even better? Good way to give all of our products an even playing field

Quality – Goes without saying overall quality of the product, taste, care put into making a perfect wine or spirit

Bottle – Sounds silly put a big part of the “experience” of our favorite beverage is the bottle it comes in. The label, weight & shape of the bottle, overall quality of the package.

Our panel consists of the owner, store manager, main inventory manager, and occasionally customers wondering what we’re doing sampling 30 different bottles of wine!

Top 5 Wines

Bogle Rose

Fragrant, oral notes bloom unrestrained on the nose, while entry leads to a plush, yet tart mouthfeel, laden with more summer strawberries and the juiciest ruby red grapefruits. Vibrant and vivacious throughout, this is a wine to enjoy all year round

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Marques de Toro Cabernet Sauvignon

Deep red with lush cherry, black currant, and blackberry aromas with a touch of tar and smoke. The highly concentrated flavors are framed by firm tannins. Great wine at a great value.

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Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc

Beautiful dry white from New Zealand. This wine has layered aromas of guava, gooseberry, lime and grapefruit. The palate is concentrated, driven by flavors of green tropical fruits and citrus with an elegant and energetic finish

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La Purisima Red Blend

Monastrall based red blend. Jammed blueberry and strawberry on the nose with hints of cedar, vanilla and clove. The mouth is rich but balanced with flavors of sour cherry, vanilla, prune and tobacco.

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Maiolica Montepulciano

Excellent deep red Italian wine that is a staff favorite. Ruby red color, fruity, with black cherries, small red fruits, tobacco and spice. Excellent to pair with pasta and red meats.

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Top 5 spirits

Noah’s Mill Bourbon

Special Bourbon made by Heaven Hill Distillery. Noah's Mill appears as a medium honey brown. The bourbon appears darker in the glass and sharp notes of cinnamon and allspice, vanilla, Chocolate, yeast, and seasoned oak make an appearance underneath.

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Cenote Anejo Tequila

Rich amber in color with good legs, Cenote Añejo is aged for one year in American Oak barrels. A smoked, woody nose with vanilla, spice and chocolate on the palate, this complex spirit balances the flavors present in the Yucatán Peninsula terrain.

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Ryze Vodka

Award winning vodka made locally in Phoenix. This vodka is distilled 3 times and triple filtered in custom designed, handmade equipment through volcanic ash and active carbon. The result is a smooth clean finish, perfect for drinking any way you see fit.

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Bacardi Cuatro

Puerto Rico- Bacardi Anejo Cuatro is aged for a full four years in the Caribbean. Features notes of mild vanilla, toasted oak, clove and honey. Special and unique rum great to enhance any cocktail.

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Griffo Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

Griffo made this limited edition Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur in partnership with Equator Coffees & Teas to create a true coffee aficionado's liqueur. Utterly delicious stuff from the American distillers.

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